The Stringer Pallet

The Stringer Pallet

The Pallets for sale Sydney that are made using this design often tend to obtain their support from the stringers that are found between the top and bottom of the deck. This is often an advancement for the replacement of the blocks that are used in the design of the block pallets type. They are ideally quite a much better option, especially in the event that you are looking for something that is cost-efficient.

This type of pallets are often presented in two different configurations of the ‘two-way pallet stringer’ and the ‘four-way pallet stringer’. From the names, it clearly explains the manner in which these two different types of pallets are able to get accessed from a forklift. The two-way allows for the lifting to happen from only two sides; whereas the four-way allows lifting to happen from four different sides.

Additionally, the four-way pallet stringer can further be broken down in classification, in terms of those that have notched stringers and the ones that come with stringers that have a locked design. The main differentiation between these two is basically how they allow for entry into the pallet jacks. The notched stringer pallets for the entry of two-way only; whereas the pallets that have the block design are able to allow for the entry of four-way jacks. However, both of these designs are able to allow for the entry of four-way jacks using forklifts.

4.The Solid Deck Pallets

The designs for this particular pallets often come with a very large sheet of wood that has no gaps in between. Because of this, they are quite ideal for the transportation of items that are small. This is mostly because the small items often tend to have a tendency of slipping through the spaces and cracks.

Also, they are way easier to transport and clean on, and are more attractive and appealing in appearance, in comparison to all the other types of pallets. Actually, many users tend to find them to be more aesthetic. The good thing about them is he fact that they are highly recyclable. They are found in most parts of Sydney.

5.Double Wing Pallets

This kind of pallets is often constructed in such a manner, such that the top and bottom parts of the decks; or either, are extended a bit beyond the stringer boards. The end result, is a design that has the pallet having illusion of having wings. This type is often much durable than the rest, mostly because it ends up being much stronger and with a weight that is raised high. Because of this, there is often no need of having to add another stringer board. The only downside that may come with this pallet type however, is the fact that the wing boards may be much easier to damage.


There are quite a number of pallets that can be found in Sydney. The different types that have been discussed herein tend to serve different purposes. You can therefore place an order and have it customized to your liking. There are quite a number of warehouses in Australia that are committed to delivering very high quality pallets especially in Sydney. Get one for yourself today.